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Being that we work in the heating and cooling field, we have repaired a lot of furnaces and seen a lot of strange things. As we head into some of the cold-weather season, we want to remind homeowners that sometimes, they are inadvertently damaging their home heating systems by believing some common furnace myths.

Myth: Furnace filters only have to be changed once a season.

Busted! Filters need to be checked regularly and changed as needed. How often you should be changing your filter will depend on a number of factors inside your home along with the type of filter you are using. A clogged filter can cause a number of problems with your heating system and your home comfort.

Myth: Cranking the thermostat will heat up the home faster.

BUSTED! It’s unpleasant to come home to a chilly house, but turning the thermostat all the way up will not warm your house any faster. A better option would be to install a smart thermostat that can regulate the temperature throughout the day, increasing savings without sacrificing comfort.

Myth: Closing vents and registers in unused rooms will save energy.

BUSTED! A home heating system is installed to warm the whole house and closing vents and registers can unbalance the system. Closing vents can actually cause problems with your furnace. There are other ways to regulate the heat throughout your home, including zoned heating.

Protect your home heating system this season, don’t harm it by falling for common furnace myths.